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2020-06-11: Commonplace — Some Lists I Keep Just a few of the lists I keep in my commonplace book.

2020-05-14: Commonplace — How To Be A Poet A poem by Wendell Berry

2020-05-13: Commonplace — Love After Love A poem by Derek Walcott

2020-05-12: Commonplace — On Work (and Some Quotes) A couple of entries about work and a page of random quotes.

2020-05-11: Commonplace — On Meetings Inspired by my friend Garrick.

2020-05-08: Commonplace — Ideas For Living The first entry in my commonplace is some rules for navigating my life that I refer (and add) to …

2020-05-07: Commonplace — Intro An introduction to a new series where I read selections from my commonplace book.

2019-12-04: Stories About Houses and Us A lesson I’m learning as I work on this old house.

2019-10-08: The Soothing Sound of Typing a Letter. A little something different. No words. Just the soothing sound of my 1907 Underwood No. 5.

2019-06-13: Child’s Pose A lessons of self acceptance from the kids in yoga class.

2019-03-13: The Thing About Stuff It’s not about stuff, really. It’s about the stuff behind the stuff.

2019-03-05: Howmidoin? A lesson we can learn from former NYC Mayor Ed Koch.

2019-02-28: What Do You Do? I finally come up with the best answer I have to a question I’m often asked.

2019-02-26: It’s Never To Late A story about a lunch I had with my friend Markus a couple of months ago and how he healed a wound I …

2019-02-25: Driving In Silence I share a recent experiment I’ve been trying. I recorded this in my car. Sorry for the mic noise.

2019-02-22: Buddy Bench I share an idea that a Destination Imagination team at my daughter’s school came up with and how it …

2019-02-20: Episode 1: If It Sucks You In, Delete It Welcome to my new microcast. Here’s an idea that could help.

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